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Title: TVT failure?
Post by: Glades on June 25, 2011, 07:32:57 AM
Hi there,

I had the TVT operation last Monday and I know it's early days but am feeling very low this morning as I think it's not been any help at all :(  A large part of my problem was not being able to make it to the loo 'in time' and I know this is classed as 'urgency' and that this op is not always successful for that but after reading on here and other places of people who had been helped I made the decision.  It took me a long while to decide (years!) and I went privately as I was recommended a surgeon in the Midlands who is very experienced.
But although due to my stitches etc I can't really know about the 'stress' side of things, the making it to the loo is most _definitely_ not improved and currently probably worse.
Anyone any words of wisdom?