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Title: Squamous Metaplasia
Post by: mumof4 on June 29, 2010, 02:35:24 PM
Hi, i'm a 41 year old woman.  From September last year, I had recurrent Urinary Tract Infections, so bad that I was weeing blood, all culture tests came back negative.  I ended up taking 11 courses of anti-biotics and was referred to a Urologist who carried out every test imaginable including a cystoscopy which revealed squamous metaplasia at the opening of the bladder confirming that my bladder had been badly inflamed.  I was put on prophalactic anti-biotics which I came off last week.  I was also suffering what seemed like urge incontinence and was offered more tablets to control this which I refused.  After a visit to a Gynaecologist last week, it appears that I have what he called "impending menopause" - does anyone know whether the two could be linked as I have never had urine infections previously?

Any comments and advice on prevention of further infections would be greatly appreciated.
Title: Re: Squamous Metaplasia
Post by: Gagamama on July 07, 2010, 03:47:01 PM
Hi Mumof4

     Reading your post, the thing that strikes me is how you are still more or less in the dark even after  - presumably - many consultations with your gynae' and your GP.
     This is not your fault!
But, considering that I think of myself as a bossy, confident, grown up woman, I always astound myself to find that I come out of any consultation with only half my queries answered!
What on earth happens to us during these appointments? Is it that we are very conscious of the corridor full of women waiting their turn as the clock ticks and ticks on the wall? Is it that, faced with the superior knowledge of the doctor, we don't want to feel even smaller and more childlike by revealing that we didn't understand a word he said (well in my case it was a he but sometimes women doctors can be as bad)?
What I have found helps is a) research....look up everything you don't understand on the internet just to get an idea (only don't go assuming it is ALL true as it's hard to tell the good info from the bad - though even saying that...a rough idea is better than no idea at all!); b) think of every question you still need an answer for and type it out on a sheet of paper then - and here's the important bit - GIVE IT TO THE DOC at the start of the consultation! This prevents you from getting that consciousness of "other people waiting " and surreptitiously (sometimes subconsciously) crossing off questions from the list because of time passing. And take a pen with you to write down the answers because you'll never remember half of it when you get home.

This does work though it felt a bit odd the first time I did it and also I still felt a bit like a malingerer!

And writing all this prompts me to say that so far I haven't been completely successful with this strategy but it's usually because I haven't followed the GIVE IT TO DOC rule or haven't written down answers. Memo to self and anyone else who's listening: DON'T BE SHY!
Title: Re: Squamous Metaplasia
Post by: mumof4 on July 09, 2010, 08:12:57 AM
Hi Gagamama

Thank you for your reply.  Since posting, I have read up a little bit and it seems that Menopause can be linked with recurrent UTI's and symptoms of urge incontinence.  I have yet to find a sympathetic Doc.  I came off long term anti biotics a couple of weeks ago and so far so good.  Just waiting for my Doc to give me the go ahead for HRT - i'm only 41 so medical people didn't even think of menopause as the reason for my bladder problems.  Never having suffered with cystitis, it was quite a shock, never realised just how painful it could be.  I have a telephone appt. with my GP today and will make sure I write a list of concerns and questions I want answered.  I used to consider myself a strong and confident woman but just feel like a shadow of myself and it takes all the strength I have just to leave the house these days  :-[.  Thanks again for taking the time to reply, much appreciated.  Best Wishes. x
Title: Re: Squamous Metaplasia
Post by: Gagamama on July 12, 2010, 05:53:25 PM
Something else I just thought of: you are aware...well if not you will be now ...of the "sister" site MENOPAUSEMATTERS.CO.UK?  That website has been going a lot longer and it's extraordinary how many things seem to be menopause related....or rather, not necessarily  or always but that's one possible explanation. If you haven't browsed around the topics on the forum I'd encourage you to do so soon.
And the more I read, the more I start to think that parts of this hormone thing begin going awry a lot earlier than the 48-55 years old onset that is often quoted.
Having had some experience of the depressive nature of debilitating and frequent illness that's considered by GPs to be "low grade" (by which they mean not life threatening I think!), it really helps to know that you are not alone and that things CAN get better over time. You will get out from under your shadow....hang in there and keep being as organised an confident as you can force yourself to be.