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All things bladder related / Effects of prolapses
« on: October 14, 2010, 11:32:00 AM »
I read all the posts that were on the boards and was evangelised enough to stick my head above the parapet. I discovered I had a rectocele (rectal prolapse) and eventually after a few pointless hoops got to see a physio who told me I also have a cytocele (bladder prolapse). Between them, the menopause (10 months no period and counting), and the usual failure to do pelvic floor exercises enough after childbirth all those years ago, my increasing tendency to both stress and urge incontinence which I'd successfully refused to look at for several years was explained.

I am doing the exercises, but no great improvement yet, and have a general feeling of going downhill fast and nothing is going to fix it. Which is making me feel pretty miserable! The physio muttered something about a pessary which I might be able to get to counter the effects of menopause on the pelvic floor area. Does anyone know if this is the same as HRT? or if it is likely to work. I am quite clear I don't want HRT. But I would like very much to a.sleep, b. be able to bend, run, cough, dance, sneeze, go out etc without anxiety, c. feel like a human being again whose insides are likely to stay put. with a hope of being well.

Does it ever end? Is there anyone out there who has attained postmenopause and is enjoying life?

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