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All things bladder related / IVU?
« Last post by nigela on January 23, 2012, 09:44:07 PM »
Hi told I have to have an IVU dye east thru my kidneys anyone else had this done?
Nigela x
All things bladder related / bladder spasm?
« Last post by nigela on January 18, 2012, 10:10:06 PM »
Still getting this strange pain in my side-worse at night if i get up to pass urine-the pain lingers. I have shut read about bladder spasms and wonder if it could be this.
Anyone else had these?
Nigela x
All things bladder related / Pian after passing water-fibroid/ or kidney cyst
« Last post by nigela on December 21, 2011, 12:22:56 PM »
Got fibroid and kid cyst-waiting for  another scan -had one 3 yr ago-wake up need pass water-go back to lie down and pain in side -low and then dow leg and back
Could fibroid do this-aged 50 no period for a year now
All things bladder related / Re: Anyone ever had this type problem?
« Last post by nigela on December 16, 2011, 12:26:30 PM »
Hi I have have similar feeling -but feeling of something hurting on one side of vagina. Scaring myself silly-GP took water sample result not back yet-no burning or stinging tho like you usually get. Got terrible pain on same side low back and goes down my leg-used to get it on and off all year but now it stays. Got blood in urine Doc says. Looked up cervical and ovarian c and i had all the symptoms. Get cramp like feelings in bottom of stomach. Periods stopped suddenly last Nov i have just turned 50.
Forum Guide / How do I reply to a post?
« Last post by Laura on October 10, 2011, 10:40:58 AM »
Anyone can view the posts but to reply you have to register with the forum. Registration is easy and free! Once you have registered, log in with your username and password. Then click on any post and you will see the "Reply" option--just click on the "Reply" box and go ahead!
Forum Guide / How do I start a new topic?
« Last post by Laura on October 10, 2011, 10:39:40 AM »
Anyone can view the posts but to start a new topic you have to register with the forum. Registration is easy and free! Once you have registered, log in with your username and password. Then click on any heading, eg "All things bladder related", click on the "New Topic" option (top-right) and go ahead!
All things bladder related / Re: Anyone ever had this type problem?
« Last post by Dr.Currie on October 10, 2011, 06:50:16 AM »
The lack of estrogen commonly causes such bladder problems and treating with low dose vaginal estrogen can be very helpful. However, the vaginal estrogen needs to be continued long term--a short course cannot continue to help after it has stopped. It is safe to use low dose vaginal estrogen at the twice weekly maintenance dose long term, and is recommended. See the section on this website on Management and Treatments. Vaginal estrogen is not the same as HRT--HRT circualtes throughout the body whereas vaginal estrogen is concentrated in the vagina and bladder, with only a tiny amount circulating in the rest of the body.
Best wishes
Heather Currie
All things bladder related / TVT failure?
« Last post by Glades on June 25, 2011, 07:32:57 AM »
Hi there,

I had the TVT operation last Monday and I know it's early days but am feeling very low this morning as I think it's not been any help at all :(  A large part of my problem was not being able to make it to the loo 'in time' and I know this is classed as 'urgency' and that this op is not always successful for that but after reading on here and other places of people who had been helped I made the decision.  It took me a long while to decide (years!) and I went privately as I was recommended a surgeon in the Midlands who is very experienced.
But although due to my stitches etc I can't really know about the 'stress' side of things, the making it to the loo is most _definitely_ not improved and currently probably worse.
Anyone any words of wisdom?
All things bladder related / Re: Anyone ever had this type problem?
« Last post by julie on June 15, 2011, 01:33:44 PM »
This is my first post.  I too have been having lots of urinary tract symptoms, but no infection.  I was referred to a gyne specialist and he diagnosed a prolapsed uterus.  This, he said was pressing on my bladder and at 52 my bladder was suffering from irritability due to impending menopause.  I have now been on vagifem pessaries for about a month to improve the condition of the bladder.  The first 2 weeks I used them every night then switched to twice per week.  I was given 24 pessaries and have 4 left.  I am super improved in the urge to wee area unless I exercise and it flares up every time.  He seems to think that this one hit of 24 pessaries could clear up the problem for years.  (I find that hard to believe).  I dont really like using HRT as it makes my boobs tender and a bit bigger I think but I will finish the pack.  Anything is better that the constant need to go to the loo.  I also had a cystoscopy to see what the bladder looked like after a few weeks of HRT.  Looked good to me and to the doctor.

I would like to find out if there is anything I can use to support the uterus just whilst I exercise.  Apparently my pelvic floor muscles are good.  I do exercise them and I did have a TVT operation to support the bladder about 10 years ago because I had stress incontinence.  This bladder sure is my achillies heel!  All the very best to fellow sufferers.  And any support ideas (literally) would be very welcome.
Forum and Website News / ToiletFinder
« Last post by Laura on May 20, 2011, 02:32:10 PM »

ToiletFinder is an exciting new web application that allows you to share, rate and locate publicly accessible toilets. It is an example of community powered healthcare. Needing the toilet is a universal need and can be more important to some members of the public eg, people with incontinence problems, bowel problems, heart problems, young children and tourists. Not knowing whether a publicly accessible toilet is available can keep people on a so called "bladder leash" and stop them going out. This is very much a web application - for the community by the community.

Visit the website here
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