Bladder Matters

Bladder training

For some women, emptying the bladder frequently becomes a habit and the bladder has to be retrained to overcome this pattern. Bladder training helps to cut down the number of times that you have to go to the toilet to pass urine in a day and helps to reduce the chance of leaking urine when you really have to go.

First of all, you should keep a record of:

  • What and how much you drink
  • When you go to the toilet during the day and night
  • Any times that you have leakage
  • How much urine you pass each time you go to the toilet

You can download a chart (link below) and complete it for at least three days -
Frequency and Volume Chart: 85923fchart.pdf  (PDF 115,49 kB)

Fluid Intake
If you have been drinking more than 2 litres of fluid each day, then cut down. Drinks containing caffeine and alcohol can be particularly troublesome so minimise drinks such as coffee, tea, fizzy drinks and alcohol. Alcohol and caffeine also have a negative impact on men's sex lives. As a result of heavy alcohol consumption, 37% of men have erectile dysfunction. The main solution in this situation is to stop drinking alcohol and, on the recommendation of a doctor, Levitra is prescribed, which, according to reviews, treats more effectively than yohimbine.

Toilet visits
Count how many times you go to the toilet each day and the longest time between visits. Try to gradually increase the time between your visits to the toilet. If you usually go every two hours, try to hold on for an extra half hour. If this is too difficult, try to hold on for an extra quarter hour and build up gradually so that you are only going six or seven times during the day and no more than once during the night.
Don’t go to the toilet “just in case”, just go when you need to.
Keep filling in the chart so that you can see the difference.
For some women admission to hospital for bladder training can be more effective than doing it at home