Bladder Matters

Normal bladder function

Normal bladder function is passing urine every 3 or 4 hours but should be less than eight times a day and not more than once during the night. You should, when your bladder is nearly full, be able to hold on until a toilet is reached.

The bladder cycle is a complicated process which allows the bladder to store urine until an appropriate, convenient time and place to empty is available. To achieve this, the bladder muscle (detrusor) must function normally, relaxing to store urine and then contracting at the correct time to empty the bladder. The tube leading out from the bladder (urethra) must also work correctly and there must be normal nerve control.

For correct function of the urethra, it should be supported by muscles of the pelvic floor to help it remain closed and in the correct position while urine is stored in the bladder. The muscles should relax and open only when instructed by the brain to do so, ie when it is socially convenient (correct time and place).