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All things bladder related / Re: Anyone ever had this type problem?
« on: June 15, 2011, 01:33:44 PM »
This is my first post.  I too have been having lots of urinary tract symptoms, but no infection.  I was referred to a gyne specialist and he diagnosed a prolapsed uterus.  This, he said was pressing on my bladder and at 52 my bladder was suffering from irritability due to impending menopause.  I have now been on vagifem pessaries for about a month to improve the condition of the bladder.  The first 2 weeks I used them every night then switched to twice per week.  I was given 24 pessaries and have 4 left.  I am super improved in the urge to wee area unless I exercise and it flares up every time.  He seems to think that this one hit of 24 pessaries could clear up the problem for years.  (I find that hard to believe).  I dont really like using HRT as it makes my boobs tender and a bit bigger I think but I will finish the pack.  Anything is better that the constant need to go to the loo.  I also had a cystoscopy to see what the bladder looked like after a few weeks of HRT.  Looked good to me and to the doctor.

I would like to find out if there is anything I can use to support the uterus just whilst I exercise.  Apparently my pelvic floor muscles are good.  I do exercise them and I did have a TVT operation to support the bladder about 10 years ago because I had stress incontinence.  This bladder sure is my achillies heel!  All the very best to fellow sufferers.  And any support ideas (literally) would be very welcome.

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