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All things bladder related / Pelvic Floor Exercises
« on: November 02, 2010, 09:22:21 PM »
Hi everyone

I suffer from stress incontinence!!!!  There I have finally admitted it to someone other than my doctor   ;D

I am 54 and have had this problem for a few years now.  I am taking Duluxatine tablets which worked at first but I am afraid to stop them in case things get worse.  At the moment I have to wear pads pretty much every day.  Some days I don't get any leakage, other days quite a lot.  I went to a physio who told me the only way to cure it was to do pelvic floor exercises, which I have started doing but I have trouble doing them - I can only do them when I am lying down, which seems a bit weird I admit, but when I try to do them when I am photocopying at work (seems like a good way to pass the time!!!) I can't feel anything happening.  I am starting to get a bit down about it now, I feel like everyone can smell me (even though I shower twice a day) and even with my husband I feel embarrassed about it, and from reading the posts on the menopause matters website it seems the only way from here is downhill.........


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