Bladder Matters
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World Menopause Day 09 August 2010
World Menopause Day: Monday 18 October 2010

You could organise a coffee morning/afternoon/eveni... more »
Urinary tract infections resistant to antibiotics 18 May 2010
Urinary tract infections are becoming increasingly hard to treat because of emerging resistance to current ant... more »
Does eating too much lead to urinary incontinence? 18 May 2010
Women who consume a lot of calories or favor saturated fat over "good" fats may have an increased risk of urin... more »
Racial differences in bother for women with urinary incontinence in the Establishing the Prevalence of Incontinence (EPI) study 29 April 2010
ObjectiveThe purpose of this study was to compare differences in degree of bother in black and white women wit... more »