Bladder Matters
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Urinary incontinence NICE guidelines 16 September 2013
Nursing in Practice (12 September 2013) New guidelines for urinary incontinence:
http://www.nursinginp... more »
Study supports urinary tract infection protection from cranberries 11 July 2012
(Reuters Health) - People who regularly drink cranberry juice or take cranberry capsules are less likely to ge... more »
Women who drink four cups of coffee a day 'face higher risk of incontinence'. 12 April 2011
Women who drink at least four caffeine drinks a day are more likely to develop frequent problems with bladder ... more »
A ribbon tied to my bladder ended my embarrassing leaks 12 April 2011
Using a local anaesthetic a tape is fitted under the bladder to support it like a hammock to prevent any leaka... more »
Incontinence services condemned by doctors 14 September 2010
Millions of people in the UK with bladder and bowel problems face a "life sentence" of suffering because of th... more »